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The magic of a family vacation is unforgettable! The time spent to travel and adventure together is never wasted and will create memories to last a lifetime. With the costs of tickets (if you're flying), or the cost of gas (if you're driving), plus meals and the costs of local attractions, even the shortest vacation can quickly add up!

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Check out these amazing deals on hotels near Orlando attractions like Universal Studios, Disney World, or even Legoland. Save yourself a few bucks for more snacks at the amusement park, or even a few souvenirs to take back home.

Check out how you can buy two days and get two days free at Universal Orlando Resort.

With accommodations like indoor gyms, an attached pool and even restaurants, who says snagging a great deal on a hotel room outside of the theme park couldn't be a grand experience?

Avanti Palms Resort and Conference Center

This newly remodeled Orlando resort is less than 15 minutes away from Orlando's top attractions and offers a shuttle service to the parks. For under $60 a night for a standard, double room, you can enjoy the following:

  • In-room amenities like wifi, a microwave, and mini-fridge.
  • Outdoor pool with a hot tub and a kid's splash pad. 
  • A poolside bar.
  • Enjoy the Avanti Palms Market Place that serves food all day long.
  • Onsite Starbucks coffee shop! 

Just half a mile from Universal Orlando, 6 miles from SeaWorld, 9 miles from Walt Disney World and a shuttle service to get you to and from, you can enjoy two double beds for under $70 a night
  • In-room amenities include a microwave, wifi and mini fridge.
  • Outdoor heated pool and two outdoor hot tubs.
  • Enjoy breakfast and dinner at Sharky & Jack's Bar & Grille and Shades Deli is open until midnight.
  • Onsite basketball court and fitness center.

Hotels are nice, but condos are even cooler! With a fully-equipped kitchen and private balcony, you and your family can enjoy a one (sleeps up to four) or two bedroom (sleeps up to six), for under $100 a night
  • Enjoy free breakfast! 
  • Shuttle rides are included in your resort fee! 
  • Playground for the kids.
  • Convenience store. 
  • Heated swimming pool with hot tub and a kiddie pool.
  • 24-hour fitness center.
  • Enjoy happy hour from 3PM to close at the onsite Calypso Bar and Grill.

Stay for four in a standard room with flat-screen TVs, microwaves, refrigerators and complimentary coffee for under $60 per night! Located on the lake, about 22 miles from downtown Orlando and just 16 miles from Walt Disney World, you can enjoy gorgeous scenery and a free ride to the local theme parks and also:
  • Three heated pools and one kids' pool.
  • Restaurant and lounge.
  • Fitness room.
  • Game room. 
  • Playground.
  • Bring your pets! 
  • Enjoy a dive-in movie theater.
Baymont by Wyndham Celebration

Just a short distance from Orlando's biggest attractions, kids can stay entertained at the hotel by swimming in the pool or partaking in volleyball. The hotel also offers shuttle services to local attractions at less than $50 per night

  • Enjoy complimentary breakfast.
  • Fitness room. 
  • Free wifi.
  • Laundry facilities (because, tons of clothes and swimsuits!).
  • Outdoor pool with a children's pool.
So again, if you're planning that ultimate family trip for the year and looking to save a few bucks, saving on the hotel is definitely the way to go! With free shuttle services included, you don't have to worry about parking fees that are associated with driving to the park - and being that some of these hotels may be miles away, you still don't have to worry about how you and your family will get to the local attractions. 

Don't get me wrong, staying on the properties of Disney World and Universal Studios are magical experiences for the entire family, but sometimes your wallet may need a break. Or maybe you want extra funds to be able to eat treats at the parks, or treat your family to a nice meal afterwards, etc. So these family hotels under $100 per night near Orlando theme parks are definitely the way to go!


Now is an 'egg'cellent time to start planning for those Easter extravaganzas! These Easter crafts for kids are perfect to set up at the kid's table at your next Easter brunch or luncheon, or to keep the kids busy over Easter weekend. Whether you're celebrating big or small, you can guarantee a great time for you and the kids crafting these projects!  

Get ready to have so much fun with the kids and let them explore their creative side! My kids, in particular, are homeschooled and they absolutely love arts and crafts. It's one of their go-to's at the top of the morning when we're all just waking up. I find investing in construction paper, scissors and glue is way cheaper than toy cars that they'll only want to play with for a few seconds and be done. Arts and crafts are truly gifts that keep on giving. 

Try making an example ahead of time and let them try to come up with the craft on their own. It's always special to see what they come up with! 

1. Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft - The Best Ideas For Kids
2. Handprint Bunny Craft - Simple Everyday Mom
3. Easter Egg Button Wall Art - Artsy Crafsty Mom
4. Easter Bunny Bag - Rock-A-Bye Parents
5. Easter Basket Craft - Simple Everyday Mom

Checkout these beautiful Disney Princess Easter Eggs from Fun Money Mom! I mean, how cute are these?!

6. DIY Easter Egg Garland - Mommy Evolution
7. Rabbit & Chick Easter Eggs - The Inspiration Edit
8. Repurpose Old Silk Dyed Eggs - Mission To Save 
9. Easy Easter Bunny Paper Craft - Artsy Craftsy Mom 
10. Easter Peeps Bunny Box - DIY Party Mom 

11. DIY Easter Lollipop Craft - Even Kids Can Make These!
12. Super Bunny Easter Kids Craft - The Inspiration Vault
13. Rocking Easter Rabbit Craft - Artsy Craftsy Mom
14. Craft Stick Easter Bunny Bookmarks - Artsy Craftsy Mom
15. Salt Dough Easter Eggs - Adventures Of A DIY Mom

Boo them with these easy Monster Easter Eggs from Fun Money Mom!

16. Cute & Easy Fluffy Chick Craft - Simple Everyday Mom
17. Easter Basket Cutout Craft - Real Life At Home 
18. DIY Paper Mache Easter Eggs - Mommy Evolution
19. Geometric Easter Egg Coloring Flip Book - The Inspiration Vault
20. DIY Dollar Store Bird's Nest - Create Pray Love
21. Simple Easter Watercolor Craft - Meraki Mother 
22. Easter Basket Craft - Pink Fortitude
23. Rocket Easter Egg - The Inspiration Vault

It's the perfect time to gear up for Easter and start planning how you're going to get the kids in an 'egg'cellent mood. Whether it's a craft to get you through the weekend, an after-school activity, or if you're a teacher looking for the next craft activity for the class, these Easter crafts for kids are perfect! Don't forget to share with your friends!


Tax time is here and it can get pretty crazy knowing exactly what to do as a self-employed entrepreneur and what deductions you can get back - to either lower how much taxes you owe, or heighten the amount you'll receive. At best, it is always great to seek further advice from an accountant that you can trust, but listed below are a few suggestions as to what you can deduct when you file this year's tax return.

**This post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a small commission at no extra costs to you.**

So What Is A Deduction?
A tax deduction is any related business expense that is deemed 'ordinary and necessary' from the IRS for conducting that business and can be subtracted from your gross income. Once subtracted, you can find out the amount that can be taxed. Again, always double-check IRS regulations and consult with your accountant.

The more deductions, the lower your taxable income, so it's very important to keep track of your expenses from the very beginning! Keeping track of your income can be as simple as using a spreadsheet on your devices, or keeping pictures of your receipts. Anything that tracks the time and reason for the expense will do just in case of an audit.

As a blogger, here are a few business deductions you can claim:

  1. Business start-up costs: let's think in terms of name and domain registration, website hosting, and licensing fees.
  2. Advertising and marketing costs: social media ads, etc.
  3. Educational expenses: courses, or any professional classes you may have taken that relates to your business.
  4. Health insurance.
  5. Business insurance. 
  6. Office supplies.
  7. Travel: business travel, lodging, and transportation. 
  8. Rental fees: vehicles, machines, and/or equipment. 
  9. Transaction fees: Paypal, credit card, or banking fees. Who knew those few dollars they take out per transaction could be deducted? Feels good, knowing you can get those back.
  10. Home office: this is if you have a separate space in your home used exclusively for business.
  11. Internet services. 
  12. Employee benefits and wages: virtual assistants, social media manager, etc.

I already know that I'll be doing some major investing this year, both for my blog and my network marketing business. It's great to know that those investments count towards deductions and I can rest assured that that money will come back to me ten-fold. It just makes investing so much easier, don't you think? Especially those crazy, big ones, right?

I'm no expert, so as I stated before, talk to your accountant and make sure it's someone you trust. If you're like me and more comfortable filing on your own, you can use H&R Block's self-employed services and file for less than $50. Or, get 30% off Liberty Tax Filing solution.

Personally, I've been using H&R Block since I was able to file my taxes when I was both employed and self-employed and they have not let me down yet. I even thought it was interesting to find that my own accountant (the two years I did file with an accountant) was using H&R Block to file as well. The reason why I am sticking to ONE source, is because I was a victim of Identity Theft and at the time, I was in dire need of my tax refund. So ever since then, I have been avoiding giving out my personal information, along with my kids', to anyone!

Again, I am no expert at this, but I wanted to make you aware of the possible deductions you can write off and how you can save yourself as much money as possible.


Easter is right around the corner and it's the perfect time to welcome in Spring with these colorful and delicious Easter cocktails! Whether you're throwing a backyard extravaganza, a party at the park, or a simple meal with you and the ones closest to you - you and your guests will surely enjoy these simple Easter cocktails.

With over thirty cocktails to choose from, you're sure to find the right one for you and your guests' taste. To stay within budget, it's always best to offer a 'signature drink' at each event, so that you're not blowing your entire budget on booze. Set the drinks up really nicely on designated table, place a few garnishes on top, some colorful straws, and voila - you have a nice display for your Easter cocktails and your guests can grab and go.

1. Homemade Carrot Cake Liqueur - Vintage Kitty  
2. Cucumber Margarita - Cheese Curd In Paradise
3. Cava Sangria - Caroline's Cooking 
4. Orange Raspberry Sparkling Wine Cocktail - Living Sweet Moments 

5. Strawberry Kiwi Sangria - Amanda's Cookin' 
6. Raspberry Mojito - Recipes From A Pantry
7. Lavender Rose' Sprtizer - Amanda's Cookin'

8. Strawberry Bellini - Caroline's Cooking 
9. Strawberry Mint Scrub Drink - My Life Cookbook 
10. Mimosas - Amanda's Cookin'
11. Wine Slushies - Amanda's Cookin'

12. Carrot Moscow Mule Cocktail - Veggie Desserts 
13. Prosecco Pineapple Sorbet Floats - Vintage Kitty 
14. Frozen Pink Grapefruit Prosecco Cocktail - Kitchen Sanctuary 
15. Carrot Ginger Mimosa - Gastronom Blog 
16. Pineapple Prosecco Punch - Amanda's Cookin'

17. Elderflower & Vodka Cocktail Slush - The Hedgecombers 
18. Rose' Vodka Cocktail - Fried Dandelions
19. Turkish Delight Cocktail - Attachment Mummy 
20. Lemon Drop Martini (Gluten-Free, Vegan) - Recipes From A Pantry
21. Frozen Dark Rum Mojito Cocktail Lolly - The Hedgecombers 
22. Easter Peeps Infused Vodka - Edible Crafts

23. Low Carb Blackberry Bramble - Farm Wife Drinks
24. Tropical White Wine Spritzer - This Delicious House
25. Bunny Peep-tinis - Swirls Of Flavor 
26. Raspberry Cordial Cocktail - Trisha Dishes 
27. Mermaid Water - Farm Wife Drinks
28. Sparkling Pink Paloma Cocktail - The Soccer Mom Blog 

29. Prosecco Raspberry Slushie - An Italian In My Kitchen 
30. Strawberry Shortcake Bellini - The Soccer Mom Blog 
31. Low-Carb Cranberry Vodka Spritzer - Better Than Bread Keto 

I know what you're thinking, this is way to much deliciousness to choose from! So be sure to share this post, or save it for your next Spring event. These Easter cocktails are sure to be a hit throughout the entire season and your guest will thank you!


One of my favorite times of year would definitely be Easter. Whether you're religious or not, it's a festive time that you simply can't ignore. Any day that gives me an excuse to shop and look my best is indeed a day to look forward to.

When I look for an Easter dress, it's usually filled with floral prints and lots of Spring colors. I mean, it is the PERFECT holiday to welcome in Spring. I also like to go for white as well. Party, in white? Are you crazy? Well, I also look at Easter as the perfect (and probably one of the ONLY times) time to adult. So wearing white for one day isn't so bad.

**I may receive a small commission if anything is purchased through the following links. There's no extra charge to you.**

Here are a few ideas to get you on track for 'slaying' the day this Easter and beyond!

Everybody knows the key to a successful party is the food that's served! It's on everybody's mind - from the moment they get an invite to the moment they show up; the guest are wondering what's on the menu. Wings are always an easy solution, because they feed plenty, easy to prepare, easy to batch cook, and easy to grab!

Chicken wings can be fairly inexpensive to buy and prepare for your next party; especially if you're buying them in bulk. Here are 13 delicious wings recipes that are sure to have your crowd coming back for more!

1. Crispy Air-Fryer Chicken Wings With Parmesan (Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Keto) - Recipes From A Pantry
2. Buffalo Chicken Bites W/Blue Cheese Dip - Foodal
3. Baked Thai Chicken Wings W/Peanut Sauce - Sweet & Savoury Pursuits

4. Oven Baked Parmesan Garlic Wings - Joy Filled Eats
5. Parmesan & Garlic Baked Chicken Wings - Evolving Table
6. Sous Vide Chicken Wings - Sip Bite Go
7. Baked Chicken Hot Wings - Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch
8. Keto Honey Sriracha Wings - Dr. Davinah's Eats
9. Instant Pot BBQ Wings - Everyday Shortcuts

10. Crispy Cajun Style Wings - Went Here 8 This
11. Keto Copycat KFC Chicken Tenders - How 2 Do Keto
12. Baked Garlic Parmesan Wings - Cooking For My Soul
13. Sticky-Sweet Honey Chipotle Wings - The Soccer Mom Blog

May you have the best time preparing as you do enjoying these delicious wings recipes for your next party, or even as a fun entree!