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We all know someone who is conscious about their lifestyle choices, we also know a few who are on the verge of changing their lifestyles and then there are some who have been choosing vegan and vegetarian lifestyles for years now. 

meatless meals

For some, it’s for health reasons, for others allergies - and the rest, well - just because it’s a preference. 

meatless monday recipes

meatless frozen meals

what can i have for dinner without meat?

However, we can all attest to the struggle of getting vegan and vegetarian dishes on the table that will suit everyone’s tastes. Luckily, there are so many delicious options available now at Walmart

vegetarian frozen meals walmart

easy vegan frozen meals

From pizzas with all types of toppings, cauliflower mac and cheese and a variety of veggie pasta dishes - you can be sure to find something for everyone at the dinner table on your next grocery trip. There’s even dairy-free dessert! 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert has gotten even easier with brands like Good Food Made Simple, So Delicious®, Amy's Kitchen, and specially marked meatless frozen entrees from Marie Callender’s. Can we say yum? 

You can even get fancy and set up the dinner table if you’re still introducing this lifestyle to your family. It can be a fun night to try something new, or maybe you’re hosting for the weekend or holiday. 

Simply bake your chosen frozen foods and scoop them out their packing into your favorite serving dishes. This puts a nice touch on “frozen foods.” Bonus points if you wait until the end of the meal to break the news. These plant-based frozen meals are so tasty, you won’t be able to tell they were previously frozen. 

These plant-based frozen meals are super tasty, convenient, affordable and incredibly easy to prepare. Just pop them into the oven after school or work, for about half an hour (instructions may vary) and you’ll have dinner on the table with very little effort. 

The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on taste either. These brands are super delicious and also kid-approved - which is an added bonus! 

So Delicious Dairy Free Frozen Dessert Bars
So Delicious Frozen Dessert Bars are dairy-free and you’ll probably need someone to pinch you. Even dairy lovers will love these. Save them for dessert, a special treat on the weekends, or enjoy keep them all to yourself. Whatever you decide, you’ll be sure to love them! 

Amy’s Mac & Cheese
Take traditional mac and cheese and put a spin on things with this delicious cauliflower mac. You’ll love how you don’t have to compromise the flavor on this traditional comfort food that we know and love. 

Amy’s Veggie Crust Pizza
Who can't get enough of pizza? Amy’s Veggie Crust Pizza is made with broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potatoes - an easy and delicious way to get veggies on the table!

amy's frozen meals

Marie Callender’s Plant-Based Chick’n Pot Pie Made With Gardein Plant-Based Chicken
Another comfort food classic that doesn’t compromise on flavor is the Marie Callender’s Plant-Based Chick’n Pot Pie. It’s the perfect quick meal for dinner, or even lunch! 

meatless frozen meals

vegan walmart haul

Good Food Made Simple French Toast
You’ll love the simplicity in popping these toasts into the toaster, microwave or oven in the mornings and going about your day! Made with whole grains and packed with nutrients, these frozen french toasts are the perfect choice for busy mornings! 

Good Food Made Simple Cauliflower Kung Pao
I love the punch of flavor here. It can easily be incorporated into your family’s weekly menu, when you’re feeling you need a twist of flavor. 

Be sure to add these tasty vegetarian and vegan-friendly frozen meals to your next pick-up or delivery order from Walmart. Or, you can find them all in your local Walmart’s freezer aisle

how to make money with a blog

The number one reason most people want to start a blog nowadays is that they heard it was a lucrative way to bring in income. The tips below are great for how to start a blog and make money from it. 

how to start a blog and make money

Lucrative, yes. Quick and easy, not necessarily. But it can be done and has been proven to work, time and time again. If you want to know how I earn a consistent $3,000 a month blogging, you can check that out here

If you don't already know, I started this mom and lifestyle blog just three years ago and was able to start earning income within six months. 

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Just like you, I desperately wanted to stay home with my kids, travel, and have the leisure of working where and when I wanted. I am thankful to say, that is finally happening now and I am so grateful that I started when I did. 

Is Blogging Over Saturated?

When you start out, most people will tell you how saturated blogging currently is and all of the reasons why you shouldn't waste your time. 

The answer is no. Simply put, there IS room and money for everyone who enters the blogging world and takes it seriously. 


How Long Does It Take To Make Money From Blogging?

Depending on your strategies, you can start making money right away. Please know that every blogging success story is different. Some people have more time to invest than others in the beginning. Some bloggers have prior blogging and social media experience and some simply luck up! 

It is highly possible for you to make money blogging, but know that it takes time and it's far from a 'get rich quick' scheme. Blogging takes dedication, strategy and patience. 

How Do I Get Started Blogging?

The first step to blogging is setting up a domain name and the required hosting. You can get started with Bluehost for as little as $3 per month, with my link.

You can also check out my step-by-step guide on how to start a blog, here.

Now that you have your blog set up, you are ready to start earning. Here are a few ways to start making money right away. 

How To Make Money Blogging

make money blogging

Promote Affiliate Products:

Affiliate sales are the easiest way to gain revenue. Think about your favorite brands, the reasons you love them and how you heard about them. 

It may have been through a friend. Maybe through a post on social media, or even an ad on the radio or TV. As a blogger, you are already a walking affiliate of your favorite brands. 

When's the last time someone asked where you bought your new jacket, or pair of shoes? Or who styled your hair? Or the name of the hotel you last vacationed in? 

When you answer these questions, you are referring people to those brands. That's all affiliate marketing is. 

Depending on your niche, you can sign up for all sorts of affiliates to start making money blogging right away. 

Sell Ad Space:

Every blog has a header and a sidebar. Selling ad space is a strategy that most bloggers start out with, being that it's the most passive. 

You can start making money with ads. Instead of pushing products, ads allow you to make passive income blogging by paying you each time the ad is seen. Most people start off with companies like Google Adsense and Ezoic. 

When you finally have an established blog and reach 10,000 page views per month, you can sign up for Monumetric, with my link.

Offer A Service:

Now that you've thought about becoming an affiliate, you can do the same thing for yourself. Most of us bloggers get started because we feel as if we're an authority on a certain topic. 

This could be fashion-related, blogging-related, parenting-related and so forth. Even if we aren't blogging already, there's something we're all extremely good at, and could offer a service to help others succeed at it also. 

Take fashion for example. You could offer online fashion consulting, or online fashion styling sessions.

There are tons of pregnancy bloggers that offer breastfeeding courses. 

These are just a few examples. Offering a service is a great way to earn income from your blog. 

Sell An Ebook:

As we mentioned above, offering services as a means to bring in income blogging - is a great way to bring in the cash. 

Turn your expertise into an ebook and start earning money passively. Ebooks can range anywhere from $10 - $300, depending on the content. The great part about this is that you are in charge of how much it sells for. 

You can also do this in the form of a recorded online course. Readers can sign up for exclusive access for a fee, saving you time and money in the long run. 

Sponsored Posts:

As you gain traffic and readers, you can expect to receive lots of requests for sponsored content. This is where brands will ask if they can offer you money, in exchange for an article on your site. 

You can read how I earn at least $3,000 a month blogging, with social media and sponsored content. 

You want to make sure these are products and/or services you already use so that you can write about them authentically to your audience. You'll also want to make sure your sponsored posts are also relevant to your reader.

Become A Social Media Influencer:

If you've been following me for a while or skimmed through my article on how I earn $3,000 a month, then you'll see how lucrative being social can be. Big and small brands can pay you to promote their products through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

make money as a social media influencer

There are lots of ways to earn an income blogging and these are just a few ways to get you started. The best way to set your blog up for success is to have a great strategy! Along with that, you need to show up every day - just like you would a full-time job. 

There is so much potential to become a successful blogger. Good luck! 

As parents, it's easy to become bombarded with so many options of toys to choose from while shopping for the best toys for kids. 

Some questions to keep in mind before making a final purchasing decision include: will this keep my kids occupied? For how long? How much does it cost?

Fortunately, Adventure Force toys can keep kids occupied with their exciting and interactive features, the nicely sized playsets and the cost are super affordable! You seriously wouldn't believe how excited you'll be as the parent/buyer, picking up these affordable toys for kids. 

Take the Fire and Rescue Station Playset for example. The set includes unique light and sound effects that resemble fire trucks and sirens, that all kids love! Kids can also spend hours with the swivel-mounted turntable ladder and water spray function. Along with two cars included. 

best toys for kids

toys at walmart

best kids toys

They can happily create their very own imaginative fire and rescue scenarios. 

The Adventure Force Fire & Rescue Station Playset can be found at your local Walmart. This playset is truly valuable for what it offers kids as far as imaginative play, the size of the set, and how little you'll come out of pocket.

boys toys

I don't know about you, but it's something really special about being that kid at the store with the coolest toys in the buggy. I know my kids love that! As the parent, it feels good knowing that I got the biggest bang for my buck - and watching the smiles on their faces. 

Or better yet, save this for your next birthday present idea. Or even as a gift to wrap and place under the Christmas tree. No matter the occasion, your kids will love this set. 

If you're looking for the best toys for kids, boys and girls alike, Adventure Force has you covered! Look for them in the toy aisle at your local Walmart, order the set online for delivery or even pick up for your convenience! 

Warm fall drinks are the perfect way to stay warm during those cooler fall days or nights. There is nothing more calming than to sit outside and admire the beautiful fall leaves while sipping on something warm and delicious.

warm fall drinks

You could always enjoy a warm cup of coffee on those cool days but why not mix it up a bit and enjoy something with more flavor and put a twist on the traditional fall favorites.

If you are looking for some delicious warm fall drinks that are going to keep you warm on those chilly days, these fall drinks are easy and delicious.

fall drinks coffee

This creamy hot chocolate is made in the slow cooker and is sure to warm you up on those chilly fall days.

fall drinks non alcoholic

Homemade Maple Latte

Easy to make and delicious, this homemade maple latte is a warm fall drink that is the perfect fall morning pick me up.

fall drinks

Orange Spice Mulled Tea

Steeped with orange slices, cinnamon, and cardamom, this orange spice mulled tea is a delicious drink to cozy up with.

Hot Apple Cinnamon Spice Tea

Made with just a few simple ingredients, this hot apple cinnamon spice tea is quick and easy to make.

Hot Buttered Rum

An adult drink that is sure to be a hit, this hot buttered rum is full of flavor and great for those fall weekend nights.

Snickerdoodle Latte

The delicious flavors of cinnamon and coffee come together to make this snickerdoodle latte that can be enjoyed during the cool fall mornings.

Cranberry Apple Cider

This cranberry apple cider is made with sweet tea and heated until warm and delicious in the crock pot.

Vietnamese Coconut Coffee

This coffee has the intense aroma of coffee and the subtle richness of coconut milk to make this a must-try warm fall drink.

Indian Spiced Tea

A milky Indian spice tea that is flavored with sugar and spice for a sweet and delicious warm fall drink that you are sure to love.

Golden Milk

Known for its healing properties, this delicious golden milk is a warm drink that is calming and oh so creamy.

Spicy Cardamom Hot Chocolate

With the perfect balance of cardamom and chile, this delicious hot cocoa is a delicious twist on your favorite classic drink.

Ginger Turmeric Lemon Tea

An easy tea recipe that is made with fresh ingredients, this ginger and lemon tea is the perfect warm fall drink.