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Spring has finally arrived and as you may know, it’s the season to clean and get reorganized for new and fresh beginnings! For me, getting organized is never the challenge - however staying organized is the real task.

Maintaining an organized pantry can be discouraging at times, especially when you have a million other things to do - but with Rubbermaid® Easy Find Lids™, staying organized is actually doable and easy to maintain. What I love about them most, is that the search for ‘what top goes with what container’ is over. Rubbermaid has made it simple with their new designs that allow the lids to snap directly to the bottom of the container - making pairing and storing easier.

    • Buy According To Size
      • One of my biggest tips for organizing a tiny pantry is to purchase items that will actually fit the space. Jars come in a variety of sizes and you want to be careful not to get any that are too large or too wide, so that you can fit everything you need into that space. 

    • Cute Is Always A Good Idea
      • When we purchase things based on how they look, we’ll always want to keep it looking the same as when we first bought it. Pantry storage is no different. When you buy storage items, make it fun. Look for a variety of shapes and sizes. That way, you’ll always want to keep your pantry looking presentable. This will be all the motivation you need to stay organized. 

Are you feeling like you can do this yet? I know I am. Even for the smallest of spaces, the Easy Find Lids™ containers come in a variety of sizes that nest together to provide you with the perfect storage solutions to fit your storage space.

Personally, I have to fit food and dishes into one space and Rubbermaid® has made it easier for me to do just that; without everything seeming overly cluttered. I am still able to store dishes, spices and various goods into tight spaces that still inspire me to stay organized. We all know that the trick to keeping our houses in tack is to actually have a goal in mind of how we want things to look. With the help of Rubbermaid, I am truly inspired to keep things the way they are - nice and neat!

You can purchase your very own Easy Find Lids™ at multiple major retailers. Easy Find Lids™ are perfect for storage solutions and are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. To make things even more inspiring and get you in the spirit of Spring cleaning - you can enter to win a free pantry makeover valued at $5,000. Enter your chance to win, here.

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