Food is a necessity, no matter who you are! I remember when there were days I was spending hundreds of dollars per WEEK on food for my family and I thought to myself, that's way too much for a family of four. So here are a few tips I've followed for the past two years that's saved me thousands a year on groceries.

1. Stop buying boxed snacks and packaged foods.

I can't stress to you enough on how much of my money went on processed foods and snacks. About 70% of my weekly grocery budget went on boxed crackers, boxed cookies, and so forth. First and foremost, they're not the healthiest options and they cost too much money. Secondly, because they are filled with lots of additives and stripped of the proper nutrients, they leave kids coming back for more. Can you say, cha-ching?

You'd be surprised at how much cheaper it is to prepare meals from scratch. Preparing meals in a crockpot or pressure cooker will save you time in the kitchen and money in your wallet.

2. Buy fresh vegetables and fruits instead.

By stocking up on fresh vegetables, like cucumbers and carrots, or even fresh fruit like cantaloupe and strawberries, you'll end up saving a ton of cash. There are plenty of kid-approved fruits that are sweet in taste and also healthy. Not to mention, fruits are less than ten cent per serving, so keeping them stocked is never a problem. 

Amazon has an amazing grocery delivery service that's only $15 a month! They have fresh fruit and vegetable options, as well as fresh meats and seafood delivered right to your door step (available in select cities). You can sign up, here.

3. Stay away from named brands.

Contrary to popular belief, named brand foods aren't any better for us than brands we see while scrolling through social media or while watching TV. In fact, there are a ton of newer brands that are coming up with healthier options for our families, while the older named brands are sticking to their original recipes that may not be so good for us after all. 

4. Don't go to the store on an empty stomach.

It may sound funny, but studies show that going grocery shopping on an empty stomach may tempt you to buy more high-calorie foods than usual. Everything in the store looks and sounds good when you're hungry, causing you to rack up on more than necessary, which adds up at the checkout counter.

5. Use coupons!

Coupons are a life saver, especially coupons sites that give you cash back. Swagbucks is an awesome tool to help you save on grocery shopping, plus they give you CASH back on things you have to buy anyway. How cool is that? Swagbucks is an online tool that allows you print coupons to use in-store and they also have an online library and promo codes available for your use. You can download the Swagbucks mobile app, here.

I would also advise you to download the browser extension, which will automatically populate coupons for you as you shop online, at any online retailer - ensuring that you never miss out on an opportunity to save! The best part, Swagbucks gives you cash back on top of your coupon savings. 

If you're ready to save thousands a year on groceries, then I suggest you start following these tips on your next grocery trip and pay attention to how much you've saved by buying only the necessities. Don't forget to get your $10 bonus with Swagbucks as well! 


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