Inbound Sales
Are you persuasive? Are you upbeat and friendly? Are you goal-oriented and love making money?
Direct Mail and Newspaper ads generate interest for the products they promote. That interest turns into phone calls, and most of those calls turn into sales. Customers know the price when they call you. You will take the customer's order and then can sell them additional products, or third party offers available. The advertisements encourage people to call now and you can make a great money in a short amount of time!
Inbound Sales offers a commission structure that rewards high order value sales. Our top sales performers can earn $20-$25 perhour!
Weekdays (M-F) between 9am EST and 6pm EST are the busiest call volume times every week.
In order to give you the most freedom and flexibility with your schedule, NexRep partners with agents as independent contractors. Owning your own business is easier than you think when you partner with NexRep. We connect professional salespeople, like you, with interested buyers. We have tools available that make managing your independent business a snap. All you have to do is provide excellent service and manage and grow your business the way you want to. At NexRep you control your opportunity to succeed - and the key to additional growth opportunities lies with you and is based on your performance.

You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. With our large community of agents and facilitators ready to lend advice and sales tips, you can build and own a business to be proud of.

Here are some agent testimonials from folks currently contracting with us in Inbound Sales:

Agent Tonya Laurie shares why she loves being an agent for NexRep: “As an independent contractor at NexRep for over five years, I am able to spend more time with my hubby, kids, grandbabies and my big ole’ pup, Nellie Bear. I love the flexibility of being able to control my schedule and work right from the comfort of my home office! No more driving in the snow or wear and tear on my vehicle, no more need to purchase work attire and I can eat healthier right at home; saving thousands in costs per year. On the DRTV sales campaign, I am easily able to invoice at $20.00+ per hour, on average. I have told so many friends and family about NexRep and the amazing support, company morale and the never-ending opportunities. It has been a blessing and so many of my loved ones, are now a part of the NexRep community!”

Here's what current agent Karen Datz has to say about being a contractor with us: 
"I've been an agent with NexRep for four years as an independent contractor. I love it here!! I make my own hours - I walk my dogs during my breaks - I'm able to live the carefree life that is so important to me! Every morning I sit down to a new day at NexRep eager to help people from all over. .. I love my customers!! It is a very gratifying job all from the comfort of home! Thanks, Nexrep!"

Here's what Inbound Sales agent Mary Huffman has to say about contracting with NexRep: 
"One of many things I love about contracting as an agent for NexRep is that I can make my own schedule, and I also love having my own business, which is what being an independent contractor means. One of my NexRep mentors said to me, "you should approach this as if this is your very own boutique," and that's what I've done, ever since. Thinking this way reminds me to welcome my customers with a smile and make sure I give them the opportunity to see all that I have in my store. It's my business, after all! The training that we get is awesome and the mentors that we have while we are looking for answers while on the phone are just so kind and helpful. It's a great work-at-home solution for me and I'm grateful to NexRep for this opportunity." 

"NexRep allows me to be present and available when my children get home from school and for all of their activities. The flexibility is unmatched by most. They provide excellent communication and competitive pay with the convenience of not leaving my home," says NexRep agent Teresa Ward. 

Agent Jajuan Shearin talks about why she loves contracting with us:
"I have been an independent contractor for years. NexRep is by far the best company to contract for. I feel very respected and enjoy signing on to work each day because I love what I do and I love the support that I receive. I started doing this years ago to stay at home with my kids as a single mother. Two are now out of the house and the other two are old enough for me not to be here. However, I love the flexibility if they do need me. I love the challenge of selling products that I believe in. Look forward to continuing for many years."

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