Quilting is one of the well-known and famous pastimes of idle women especially our grandmothers used to create the woolen jackets for us during olden days. It is the unique art to stitch various pieces together to form a fabulously designed material out of fabric.  Quilting is one of the finest needles, to bring the pieces of fabric into an attractive shape and form which is done by the hand.  After the advancement in technology, Quilting became available with sewing machines too.

 Quilt fabric is one of the smoothest and finest products than the machine-made fabrics, which look rough in appearance. 

Methods of Quilting: 

The big advantage of this art is that there are multiple ways to stitch a quilt fabric and the demand is always high, as far as the textile industry is concerned. There are several methodologies for handmade and machine works that may differ, the output will be almost the same. Quilt layers are stitched using the hand needle to produce multiple quilt layers, which in turn are stitched together. There are two kinds of Hand quilt stitches, one is “Stab Stitch”, where the needle is pushed through the fabric through the right side and then pulled out from the wrong end. This will ensure the stitch to be strong enough without getting loose. Another kind is the “Rocking stitch”, the needle is swiftly moved from the top and dragged from the bottom, thus makes the whole stitching process fast enough. 

There are many accessories to do a better quilt with crafting skills and produce the desired product.  These accessories come with needle sets which can be used as per the crafty needs of the individual and creative thinking. The big advantage of this art is that there are multiple ways to stitch a quilt fabric and the demand is always high, as far as the textile industry is concerned. 

It is often preferred to use very light colors for a baby quilt as they are the ideal choice for babies and also stay light on the fabric without absorbing much heat.

The Essentials of Baby Quilt: 

The baby quilts can come in handy for any of the baby gifts such as the baby shower, first birthday and many more occasions to celebrate. There are millions of home-made craft ideas for baby quilts that can produce one of the most attractive gift items or clothing for the baby. Baby quilt rugs are the mostly chosen, by everyone as they are helpful in protecting the babies from cold winds. Quilting for new born babies is one of the exciting projects that can lead to a lot of creative ideas. These handmade baby quilts remain in the memories, as long as the fabric exists in condition, and these stands more valuable than anything. Maintaining soft texture is the heart of the baby quilts, as ultimate aim is to offer comfort for the baby, therefore, the baby quilt fabric should be of pure natural and avoid any synthetic materials along with utmost care to have a safe and hygienic stitching work. 

Baby Quilt Products: 

Likewise, with proper guidelines and techniques, one can achieve perfection in doing the baby quilt products. Patchworks and Block patchworks are the heart for the baby quilt products, as these come with unique patterns. They give a boyish or girlish look for the fabric without losing the soft texture needed for the baby. There are many baby products available in the market for small babies, but self-made baby quilt products always are special. A little time, effort and creativity can help to make very beautiful and useful products.

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