5 Tips On How To Save On Your Fall Wardrobe

The summer heat is simmering down and cool weather is quickly approaching. It's personally my favorite time of the year. I love when the intense heat is replaced by calming winds. Just because it begins to get a little chilly outside doesn't mean you have to rush to the department stores for a new wardrobe just yet! I want to share with you how to simply add a layer to your favorite summer dress and replace those sandals with a pair of ankle boots. 

I've had so many friends become anxious around this time of year, because they feel as if that means more money has to be spent on a completely new wardrobe. Wrong! You can slowly build your wardrobe as the months go by and before you know it, you'll end up accumulating all the cool weather essentials before the end of the year, without hurting your pockets. 

  1. Sort what you already have. The first thing I do when the weather changes is sort out my closet. The last thing you want to do when you're on a budget is waste money on things you don't need or already have stashed away. I use under-bed storage from Wal-Mart to store my summer clothes that won't really transition well into the colder months.
  2. Layer! Now that you have your Summer clothes put away, you can gain some clarity. Whew! Now you have a clear view of what's really needed versus what's not. Dresses tend to carry over well into EVERY season and they can easily be paired with a cardigan to cover up when the weather starts to drop. With the dress pictured above, I added a cardigan I purchased from Forever 21 for under twenty bucks. 
  3. Switch out your shoes. If you sort out what you already have, you'll discover that you may not need that much. Which is a great thing, because now you can splurge on those boots you've been eye-balling all year; or even a nice bag, or leather jacket. During the Fall, I switch out my sandals for boots. Instead or racking up on MORE jeans or sweaters that I might not need, I purchase my shoes first. Above, I purchased a pair of ankle boots that I got on sale from Charlotte Russe- again, only twenty bucks.
  4. Shop the sales rack. Whenever I'm shopping, I always shop sale and clearance first. They're not always filled with off-season clothing. Most retailers release certain styles at different times throughout the season- and after a few weeks, they're dishing out more styles; causing their previous "look" to hit the clearance rack. So please ladies, DON'T SLEEP on those clearance racks; they're almost, always, filled with goodies!
  5. Shop during a sales event. This is where you can save some major change! When you're only shopping for a few KEY items to add to your wardrobe + you shop the clearance racks- PLUS store savings (i.e. 25%+ off your total purchase), you'll be surprised at how much you actually save at checkout. This allows you to pocket a few dollars or put it towards something else. 
My all time fall favorites to add to my wardrobe are cardigans, denim jackets, blazers, oxfords and booties! You can mix and match these staple items with shirts and jeans, or dresses and skirts, that you wore this Summer and create a whole new look for Fall.