Toddler Fashion FInds

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love picking out adorable outfits for my little ones! There are plenty of retailers who focus on solely on children's clothing, so it makes the task of shopping tremendously easy for the parents to find exactly what they're looking for, without becoming overwhelmed and exhausted. My children's specialty store of choice is the Children's Place.

Children's Place does not only offer a wide variety of styles and choices, but they are almost, always having a sale. They also have a great membership rewards programs that allows you to earn Place cash. I usually shop for one child when everything goes on sale and shop for the other child on a later date, when I can redeem my Place cash. That way, I'm not overspending and I'm saving a ton! 

Another tip would be to wait til the end of each season to receive clothes for as little as $2 each. Yep, I said it! $2 each. When specialty retailers are gearing up for their next season, they tend to want to get rid of the last season's inventory as quickly as possible, so that they can make room for their seasonal items. That means, you save almost 80% off the original ticket price. At times like these, you can stock up on items for your children's next summer, fall, winter, or spring. 

We all know the seasons sneak up on us, so being able to rack up isn't such a bad idea.