From Summer To Fall For Less Than 10 Bucks!

Say it ain't so? As much as moms love to shop, it's not always feasible to break the bank. I'm here to tell you that you don't have to. Having to clothe multiple fashionistas can be in fact, exciting, if you do it right! 

A couple of years ago I realized H&M designs fashionable clothing for exceptionally, reasonable prices. So reasonable, that they make it pretty easy for us moms to have the ability to stock up for multiple seasons. The look above is just a simple, but extremely cute dress for 5 bucks. Yep! Only 5 bucks. Style this dress with some sandals, sneakers, or even some cute flats and you're on your way. The best part about it, they have multiple prints to chose from! Buy five cute summer outfits for around 20 bucks. That's what 'being ecomomical' is all about. 

Match this price with one of their weekly sales and you could purchase this dress- and other styles like it- for only $3.50. Talk about deals! Being that Fall is around the corner, you can also add a cardigan and switch up the shoes for your little princess like I did here- and again, you're on your way without having to purchase a new wardrobe. 

I matched this dress I bought from last year's collection with a pair of boots from Children's Place, cream tights, and a denim jacket. It's so simple if you put a little planning behind it. I love mix and matching throughout the year for my little ones. What are some staple pieces your little one HAS to have this Fall?