Let Go and Let God.

Ever wake up in the morning drained from the same routine? Have you ever dreaded walking down the hall to interrupt your precious baby's sleep, just to get them ready for someone else to care of them all day? Have you ever wished you could actually sit down and enjoy your breakfast with your family, before rushing out of the door to beat the morning traffic? 

Fast forward to dropping your child off at daycare- don't you wish you could sit with them a little longer? 

Fast forward to work- don't you wish you were somewhere else? Perhaps, back home with your loved ones, spending valuable time together that you can't get back. 

I know the feeling all too well. Most of society is caught in this cycle of chaos and although we think of withdrawing from the rat race, we can't see ourselves leaving the security of jobs to pursue our dreams; whatever they may be. Don't get me wrong, there are a handful of people who are secure with their lives and wouldn't change a thing, so this article wouldn't pertain to them.

This article is for the mothers like me, who have succeeded at sustaining their households, but always felt that there was something missing. This article is for the women out there who wish they could take a leap of Faith and start their own personal journey, but know how to go about it. I know how that feels. I was that mom.

For years, I worked as a preschool teacher. My job gave me so much clarity and pleasure. However, every morning I studied the looks on the parent's faces as they dropped their children off in my class the feeling was sadly familiar. I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to teach at the same school my toddlers attended, but them being in another class just wasn't enough for me. I could only imagine how other mothers felt having to drive away from the school with their babies. 

By the time we return home, there's hardly enough time left to sit down and enjoy a decent meal together, let alone prepare the family for the next day. It's frustrating to feel like there's not enough time and there's no way out. No, we don't want to complain and we do want to keep track of our blessings. But sometimes, it's overwhelming to deal with it all! So if you have dreams (like I once did) of becoming self-sufficient then I'm here to tell you to let go and let God. 

It may sound crazy at first, but you are not alone! Millions of women are connecting on the internet to share their stories of becoming successful entrepreneurs. The biggest setback is doubt. How can someone seriously leave their full-time job to hop into a world full of the unknown? It takes a serious amount of planning and commitment, but it can be done! 

After having several talks with God over the course of a year, I've been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love. I am able to home-school full-time, I am able to blog and share information with others, and I'm enjoying leisure time with my family and friends. The best part of it all, I'm able to create new experiences for myself. 

For anyone else out there who is on the brink of freedom, it will be challenging at times, but you have to keep your Faith. You must remain patient and positive, God definitely didn't bring you this far to leave you!