Classic Everyday Look

If you're looking for something classic to throw on, H&M is the place to go! Their inventory is filled with classic pieces that you can literally throw together, with no hesitation, and go about you day; still looking fashionable of course. 

Mixing a striped button-down and a pair of ripped capri pants, can be a trendsetting look, no matter on how you rock it. Whether half of the shirt is tucked in along the front, with back hanging out; or even half of the shirt tucked along the side, with the rest of the shirt covering your waist. You can't go wrong with this look. 

A pair of ripped jeans also adds a bit of flair to the button down...and we can't forget about the shoes! Shoes are an essential accessory to a classic style. I decided to pair the shirt and capris with a pair of chunky oxfords I also found at H&M. The silver patent-leather takes the classic "oxford" style to another level of trendy! 

Another great thing about this particular outfit, is that it's simple. The colors are neutral, so you can wear any accessory and still look fashionable. You can also mix and match the shirt and pants with everything else in your wardrobe. Slacks would make a great alternative with the shirt, while a regular tee would pair well with the shoes and pants. 

I'm a strong believer that there are really no rules to fashion. It's all about being comfortable, yet still being ecomomical! I frequent H&M pretty often due to their low to moderate prices on products that are of great quality!