12 Strong Movie Review, Plus Book & Movie Ticket Giveaway

January 17, 2018

I had the honor of attending a special movie screening of the intriguing war drama, "12 Strong".  Oscar winners Ted Tally ("The Silence of the Lambs") and Peter Craig ("The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Parts 1 & 2") wrote the screenplay based on Doug Stanton's 2009 bestseller, Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of U.S. Soldiers Who Rod to Victory in Afghanistan. The film, produced by the legendary Jerry Bruckheimer (known for his "Pirate of The Carribean" films), is based on a true story of the first American soldiers and their families, who were sent to Afghanistan immediately after the September 11th attack. Captain Mitch Nelson, performed by Chris Hemsworth (known for his performances in Thor), leads a team of twelve men on a dangerous mission into unknown territory, in pursuit of defeating the Taliban and it's Al-Qaeda allies. 

Outnumbered and unknowingly outgunned, the team arrives in Afghanistan and collaborates with the Northern Alliance to tackle the extremely dangerous Taliban forces. Accustomed to state of the art technology and transportation, the U.S. Special Forces Team has to adapt to the ways of the Afghan horse soldiers and were expected to combat war using horses as their only means of transportation. Which for most of the team, was their first time saddling a horse. However, they had a very critical mission to complete and proceeded to battle with the help of coordinated bomb strikes from the air used to cripple the Taliban forces and to diminish their weapon supply. 

Directed by the award-winning director, Nicolai Fuglsig, the film depicts the strength and wits of the "Horse Soldiers" as they beat all odds to win the seemingly impossible battle against the Taliban with every soldier still standing.

I gained insight on what having "heart" truly means. No matter the odds, we have the power to win. If we put forth the necessary will power; nothing can stop us. I've partnered with Review Wire Media to give you a chance to claim your very own copy of the critically acclaimed tale, Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of U.S. Soldiers Who Rod to Victory in Afghanistan and two tickets to see the film "12 Strong". 

Click to enter your very own chance to win. The film "12 Strong" opens January 19, 2018 by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. 

“This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Warner Bros. Pictures. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Valentine's Day Made Easy With My Gift Stop, Plus Enter A $500 Giveaway

January 09, 2018

The most romantic time of the year is around the corner and I'm here to introduce to you the easiest online gifting site there is, My Gift Stop. Finding a unique gift every holiday can be challenging and sometimes time-consuming, but not this year! My Gift Stop makes it easy to search for the perfect valentine's day gifts, without the stress and countless number of hours spent, coming up with an idea for the perfect gift. 

Courtesy of MyGiftStop.com
Simply answer the question "What are you looking for?" at the top of their home page. The prompt allows you to select the 'Valentine's Day' option followed by the option to choose who that gift is for. Almost instantly, My Gift Stop fetches a variety of gift options for you! It's truly that simple. 

Courtesy of MyGiftStop.com
From their vast selection of designer handbags, bracelets, watches, sunglasses, and perfume for women, you’re sure to find an amazing gift that will blow your Valentine away this year! 

And if you’re in the market for that special guy, My Gift Stop also has a stunning selection of men’s shoes featuring designer brands like Vans, Sperry’s, and Allen Edmonds. Did I mention the amazing discounts that they have to offer?

If you and your loved one already own enough clothing and jewelry, My Gift Stop also has you covered on electronics, special edition lighters, accessories for running, cutlery, and Swarovski figurines.

Courtesy of MyGiftStop.com
It’s easier than ever to purchase the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Giving from the heart doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process any longer with My Gift Stop! It’s simple, fast, and reliable. You’ll be surprised at your gift buying options and the amount of money you can save with their discounts.

Now is the perfect time to shop and enter for your very own chance to win a $500 gift card! Yep, you read it correctly, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. With a $500 allowance, you have the chance to splurge on your loved one and maybe even get something for yourself. It's the perfect excuse to go all out for the one you love! 
Courtesy of MyGiftStop.com

Simply click the link below to enter the giveaway from now until February 5th.

With lots of love,

**Although I was compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own!**

Celebrate National Puzzle Month Plus 7 Benefits Of Puzzle Solving

January 04, 2018

Hey mamas and Happy New Year!

What better way to kick off the New Year with your kids than to celebrate National Puzzle Month? As a home schooling mom, I love giving my kids puzzles throughout the day and see their brain power put to work. I actually use them quite often for pretty much every subject. There are so many puzzles out there to chose from that help with a variety of subjects from counting, to letter recognition, to adding and subtracting, and even to help with telling time!

Puzzles help accomplish the bigger tasks as well as the smaller ones that we don't even think about. In case you didn't know, just last year, I was one of the top preschool teachers in New Orleans and puzzles were my absolutely favorite activity to pull out for my class. I also love them for my kids at home because they allow me a few seconds to answer emails and other tasks pertaining to blogging, while they have an activity to complete with each other.

Which brings me to the amazing benefits of playing with puzzles:
  • Social Interaction. When kids get together to work on a puzzle, they are interacting with one another and you, the parent or teacher, to get the task done. This is super beneficial to their social development and vocabulary. 
  • Vocabulary. Completing a puzzle, different words and phrases are constantly being used, causing an increase in a child's vocabulary. Puzzles are a great way to get a child to ask for what they need, in order to finish their initial task of completion.
  • Problem Solving. Problem solving comes into play the entire time, simply because the child is presented with the need to have critical thinking skills to complete the puzzle. Their brain is being challenged when they have to find the missing pieces, or match different shapes and colors.
  • Hand-Eye-Coordination. This skill comes into play when the eye and hands have to move together, hence the whole object of a puzzle. As a mom and a previous preschool teacher, it's amazing to see the child's eyes and hands move all over the place just to get two pieces to match. It's so enjoyable to watch! 
  • Fine Motor. Puzzles cause for lots of small motor movements to put the entire puzzle together and it's great practice to get those little muscles moving!
  • Patience & Persistence. No matter what age and what difficulty, puzzles demand focus. It's super important to sit with children and let them know to that just because one piece doesn't fit, theirs another that will and that they can never give up. Puzzles cause for various pairings in order to get it right, so patience and persistence is a must.
  • Self Esteem. You guys that giant smile and the constant jumping up down and screaming "Yay, I did it" is what I live for as a mom! When children and even toddlers, heck even adults, accomplish a new and difficult task, the satisfaction of completion gives them a significant boost in self-esteem. It also helps them prepare for other challenging situations in life.

**This post may contain affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.**

In celebration of National Puzzle Month, Melissa and Doug are discounting their entire puzzle selection by 15% from now until January 17th. Enjoy 15% off using PROMO CODE: PUZZLES15 at checkout. Click the link below now and start saving!

Rose Gold Must-Haves For Your Kitchen

January 04, 2018

Things are about to get really cute this year on the blog. I am excited to share with you all my new theme for the year, in which I will be blogging about all things rose gold and must-haves with glitter and sparkle!

**This post may contain affiliate links, however all opinions are 100% my own.**

With that being said, I decided to start off with some must haves for a dreamy kitchen redo this year. Take a peep at some of the top selling rose gold kitchen accessories and don't forget to share to your fabulous friends! 

Mainstays Kitchen Bundle gets you to the right start in adding a touch of rose gold to your kitchen counter tops. The bundle includes a paper towel holder, utensil holder, and storage containers.

This set of two rose gold toasting flutes come in handy for those intimate celebrations that's to come this year. Celebrate Valentine's Day, your wedding anniversary, or birthday in style with this pair of rose gold champagne flutes.

Mainstays flatware set is super affordable if you're wanting to add that touch of rose gold to your kitchen's ambiance. 

You can definitely make a statement with Macy's custom metallic stand mixer! With over 150 five-star reviews, it's the ultimate kitchen appliance. 

Or, how about a bar tool set you can place on your buffet table, or even in the living room for entertaining guests? This is the perfect rose gold solution for doing just that. 

You can't add a color scheme to your kitchen without the pots and pans! This ten piece copper cookware set makes the perfect  add-on for any kitchen. They are even oven and broiler safe and include a lifetime warranty if you ever experience any chipping. 

This set of salt and pepper shakers are perfect to add to your kitchen table, counter, or bar while enjoying your meals with the family.

Here's another piece from Martha Stewart's collection, the copper tea kettle. Sit this on your stove all day to add the hint of rose gold you're looking for. 

This cake stand makes the perfect addition to your counter top or buffet. 

Another useful accessory to add is a rose gold trash can. I mean, how adorable?

This set of three canisters are another stylish addition to your counter top, adding a hint of rose gold and nothing over the top. 

Measuring cups are a MUST for any kitchen and these copper plated measuring cups are the perfect add-on. 

Needing new cooking utensils? This is set of copper cooking utensils would be perfect to store in your new copper cup.

Add these bar stools to your counter top table or bar for a hint of cuteness! 

This set of two canisters are perfect for the cookies or even you coffee beans. We all that keeping those beans fresh is most important!

Make a bold statement with this gorgeous paper towel holder.

If you're looking to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen this year, check out these products and let me know what you think and don't forget to share with your friends!

-xo, Ecomomical

Top 10 Motivational Songs To Get You Through The New Year

January 02, 2018

Hello gorgeous and Happy New Year!

I am so pumped for the start of an amazing year and I hope you are too! I am stoked to be starting this new year as a blogger and the continuance of sharing my personal and professional journey with you all. I have so much in store for you all this year when it comes to blogging, homeschooling, and working from home.

I wanted to get started by sharing with a few of my favorite songs that get me pumped for the day and hopefully these same tracks will get you on your feet, as you head into a prosperous new year. So here's a list and few explanations as to why you should add these 10 songs to your playlist this year.

1. The Greatest by Sia feat Kendrick Lamar.

Ever since discovering this amazing artist, I truly admire her message! Her album is all about empowerment and that's exactly what we all need to start the new year off correctly!

2. Sky Walker by Miguel.

I'm a huge fan of Miguel since his first album and I continue to listen to him today. I am loving this new song as it explains the need of enjoying the moment- and becoming enlightened! Again, the perfect song for the start of the new year.

3. Bounce Back by Big Sean.

Ok, so I have to admit, I absolutely love explicit music- not all, but some. This song is for the hip hop and rap lovers, like myself. After all, it's the New Year, so whatever trials and losses you've faced this past year, it's the perfect time to BOUNCE BACK!

Do you ever feel like life is going so smooth and then, BOOM- you hit a wall? Then this tune is perfect for your New Year playlist! With the catchy hooks and constantly shifting beats, this song will definitely get you moving and grooving. This track is perfect for those times when you're just needing a pick me up and something to get you out of your funk.

5. Come Thru by Drake.

Although this track is a throwback, I couldn't leave it out! As soon as this song comes on, it just gets the best of me and I automatically start dancing and singing along- and it's exactly what this playlist is all about! Imagine your spouse or significant other calling you and telling you to hop on into the car, because we have things to get accomplished. Imagine that person loving accomplishing their goals WITH you...

That's sort of the vibe you get from this track. Have a listen for yourself and tell me how it made you feel...

6. Unstoppable by Sia.

This is the type of track to wake up to every morning. Every word of this track is encouraging enough to get you on track to a more productive day and gets you feeling powerful and confident! Just take a listen, this song truly speaks for itself...

7. Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe by Kendrick Lamar feat Jay Z.

This track will FOREVER be on my playlist because it's ALWAYS relevant! Ladies, understand something, you are not for everybody and that's okay! This track is proof that whatever someone else may be feeling or thinking about you, they have no power to steal your vibe.

8. Do Not Disturb by Drake.

"I need 40,000 people to see what I'm on!" This is so true for me when it comes to blogging. Don't we all want to be recognized for our hard work, no matter what it is? Which is why I listen to song daily. Drake also goes into some detail about his personal relationships and how his success has made impact on them. Let me tell you, I'm nowhere near Drake's success, but he spits some true lyrics about how the people closest to you can try to bring you down in the midst of your success!

9. Hymn by Kesha.

Kesha explains how she knows she's perfect, although she may "fucked up" at the same time and who couldn't relate to that? This track is all about being TRUE to YOURSELF and seriously not giving two fucks about what anyone else has to say about you. So take it from me and Kesha, go into this year being unapologetic about who you truly are!

10. Congratulations by Post Malone.

Congratulations ladies! You made it to a New Year and may this be the best year yet! This track by Post Malone definitely resonates with anyone who is on their path of success. When I hear this track, I automatically envision myself reaching the top of my field- and it will do the same for you!

Any song that gets you on your feet is a GREAT to include on your playlist and these are a few that will definitely do just that. This list is full of commendable and upbeat tracks to get you excited about this New Year and get you in full gear to rock it out in whatever you put your mind to!

I hope this playlist helps, leave your thought below!

xo, Ecomomical

Make Getting Ready A Breeze With Black Hairspray!

December 29, 2017

**This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own.** 

Anyone guilty of not wanting to wear their REAL hair all of the time? [Raises hand]

As a busy mom with two kids, one with locs and the other with a head full of coils, it’s almost impossible to get in the rhythm of having to style my own hair every single day! As a naturalista, I have resorted to various protective styles like two-strand twist, headwraps, and my absolute favorite- hair extensions and wigs!

Personally, I feel as if hair extensions and wigs are hats with hair and they look so much better over your head. Seriously, you just throw whatever look you’re going for that day- and viola! Whether you’re going for straight and silky, big and curly, or short and versatile, you can pull of any look within seconds by investing in a variety of wigs in different styles. You will be amazed at how easy it is and how stylish you'll look afterwards. 

Black Hairspray has a variety of remy hair extensions and wigs to help you pull off your next hairstyle in minutes! Black Hairspray is a leading beauty e-commerce company that offers thousands of wigs, extensions, and hair care products. Join thousands of professional stylists, beauticians, working mothers, and students in getting the best deals on your next hair style!

As you all know, I’m all about saving time and money and these products will save you both! I stopped visiting the salon for my next hairstyle simply because of the long waits and steep prices. By purchasing a variety of your favorite styles, you can ditch the wait and the save hundreds of dollars on your hair a month, especially if you like to wear different styles every other week like I do! 

Online Gift Shopping Made Easy With MyGiftStop.com

December 05, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is only a few weeks away and with so many different sites to choose from, the search for the perfect gift can be intimidating! That’s why I’d like to introduce to you, My Gift Stop! My Gift Stop is an online shopping center that allows you to search what type of gift you’re looking for (i.e. Christmas Gift) and for whom will be receiving it (i.e. Children), pulling up the results for you within seconds. What more could a busy mom ask for? If fine-jewelry, shoes, and name-brand accessories are on your list this year, this site is definitely a must-see!

Courtesy of MyGiftStop.com

Courtesy of MyGiftStop.com
This site is definitely my new go-to for online Christmas gift ideas. My Gift Stop takes the stress out of “thinking” and “doing.” With all of the other holiday planning, dinners, pictures, decorating, etc. taking place, it’s nice to know that there is a site that can pretty much shop for you. Not to mention the amazing discounts that are available! Every item listed is discounted, saving you tons of cash this holiday season on name-brand items! At a time like this, with multiple things to buy and cross off your list, it’s nice to save where you can.

While browsing through the site, I also came across a few items I would like to purchase for myself like this Micheal Kors watch, perfect to wear all-year-round.

I also spotted a discounted pair of Timberland boots for my fiancé. Anyone who is familiar with this brand, knows that purchasing a pair at a discounted rate is certainly a DEAL!

Courtesy of MyGiftStop.com

Of course I browsed gifts for the kids FIRST and since my son is into LEGO and we’re covering how to tell time in our homeschool lessons, this LEGO clock is the perfect addition to him and his sister’s room décor. It’s also handy for setting personalized timers and alarms for them throughout the day. 

I can snag something for everyone in the family and even throw in a gift for myself, all at an amazing price after my incredible savings! Now is your chance to cross some items off your family’s Christmas list at an amazing price as well, with less time and less hassle.

My Gift Stop is giving readers 5% off your purchase, using coupon code: INFMOMICAL5 at checkout! Feel free to check it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

Happy Holidays!

**Although I was compensated for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own!**